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Welcome to Northampton School.

In this student section you will find out what 'being an NS student' means.

In short, our vision is to provide you with a broad educational experience that enables you to achieve your maximum potential, both academically and personally, and which prepares you for a successful adult life.

In return, we expect you to fully engage in the life of the school by becoming an active and participating member of the school community, showing respect for all, and by upholding our values both within and outside school.

We will help you to achieve this as we believe in the following:

  • that there is a distinct approach to learning that will benefit you;
  • that competition is a valuable lever to drive up standards;
  • that hard work is crucial to your success;
  • that leadership skills exist in everyone and need nurturing;
  • that self-confidence is key to improving self-esteem;
  • that everyone is deserving of respect, free from all forms of bullying;
  • that everyone is entitled to a safe and secure learning environment;
  • that every student is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which encourages their independence and maximises their opportunities beyond school;
  • that engaging you in our extra curriculum - a wide range of experiences beyond the classroom - develops ‘the whole person’, fosters good relations, forges teamwork, and provides a sense of pride, enjoyment and fulfilment.