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Northampton School Leadership


Having been a Senior Leader at Northampton School for Boys for 23 years, I am uniquely positioned to understand the ethos and values of the Trust and am hugely honoured to be leading Northampton School and laying the foundations that will stand the school in good stead for many years to come. I particularly look forward to welcoming students and parents who want to join me, the staff and the governors at Northampton School, on this exciting journey. 

Northampton School will provide a strong and traditional academic curriculum, mirroring that of NSB, with a core offering of the English Baccalaureate subject areas: Mathematics, English, Science, History / Geography and Languages. We will deliver consistently high-quality teaching and learning to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunity to maximise their full academic potential whilst at the school.

When students reach the end of Year 11, they will have the opportunity to gain an automatic place at Northampton School for Boys Sixth Form, subject to academic entry criteria being met.

As part of the Trust’s vision, the staff at Northampton School are determined to build an unrivalled package of extracurricular activities which meets the interests and talents of all students with a key focus on the Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) and Sports - our main specialisms. It is my great belief that an active student is both a happy and successful one. Having had two children attend Northampton School for Boys, both a son who spent 7 years there and a daughter who spent 2 years in the Sixth Form, I know how important it is to ensure that a strong extracurricular programme exists alongside an inspirational academic curriculum delivered through highly effective and impactful teaching based on insightful, evidence-based research.

Whilst drawing on the traditions and successes of Northampton School for Boys, the students who join Northampton School will have the privilege and opportunity to shape the history of the school from the outset - setting the highest standards of achievement for future generations to come. We will secure exceptional standards of student behaviour, effort, academic progress and personal development commensurate with the expectations set by The NSB Trust. If you are successful in gaining a place for your child at Northampton School, we will expect all parents/carers to fully support the school and our policies and practices.



I am so proud to be given the opportunity to help build an amazing new school in the Northampton area. I am relishing the chance to cultivate and nurture a Northampton School environment that puts the students front and centre, allowing them to flourish academically and to discover and develop their extracurricular interests and talents. Northamptonshire has been my home for most of my life and I am fully invested in maximising student life chances for all young people in the county.

As a parent of a child in the first cohort at Northampton School, I am looking forward to establishing a school that allows the future cohorts to be the best they can be. The Performing Arts and Sports specialisms are close to my heart as both have been a key part of my children’s lives, enabling them to develop into well-rounded young people. At the heart of our vision for the extracurricular programme, we want to develop the whole child and to help them secure rich cultural capital which will give them an outstanding foundation for their adult lives.

The benefits of participating in a rich programme of extracurricular activities are not limited to developing life skills, self-esteem and broadening student interests and perspectives; research also proves that regular participation underpins academic performance. It does not matter which of the vast array of extracurricular activities our students participate in, it is the positive impact these activities have that counts.