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In-Year Applications for the 2024/25 Academic Year

If you are applying for Year 7 September 2024, please DO NOT use this form.  Please go to our dedicated application form on the Admissions Process for September 2024 entry webpage.  

Please see below our In-Year Application Form for use if you are applying for a place at Northampton School for your child in Year 8.

Please refer to our Admissions Policy below which will provide you with details of our application process and over-subscription criteria. 

Applications for the 2024/25 academic year are able to be made from 1st June 2024.  To apply for a place in Year 8 at Northampton School, parents must complete the In-Year Application Form below.  On completion of the Form, the application will be considered by the Trustees against the Published Admissions Number of 210.  If you apply during the month of June, you will receive a response to your application on 1st July when applications for the next academic year are processed.  Applications made from 1st July 2024 onwards should receive notification of the outcome of your application by email within approximately 10 school days.  If your application is unsuccessful, your child will be added to the waiting list, if this is requested on your application, and you will be given details of how to appeal the non-allocation of a place to an independent Appeal Panel should you wish to do so.  Should you decide to make an appeal, our Notice of Appeal, together with guidance notes, can be found on the Admissions page of our website. 

Once you have received confirmation that your child is on the waiting list, they will remain on the list until 30th June 2025 without you being required to provide any further information to us.  If a place becomes available and your child is successful in a waiting list run, we will contact you immediately by telephone in the first instance to offer the place. 

From 1st June 2025 the In-Year Application form will be updated on this page to enable you to apply for the following academic year if this is required.  Applications for the new waiting list will be processed from 1st July 2025.  If you wish your child to remain on the waiting list for the following academic year (2025/26), you must ensure that a new application is made, as the waiting list starts afresh each July and details are not rolled over from the previous year.    

Places can become available at any point during the academic year as this is dependent upon a change of circumstances for a student currently at the school.  As such, it is very difficult to predict if, or when, this will happen.  When a place does become available, the oversubscription criteria will be applied as described in the Admissions Policy. 

If you have any queries in relation to the In-Year Application process, please contact our Admissions Officer, on 01604 815815.

Please find the link to our In-Year Application Form below: