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E-Safety rules for students

Acceptable Use Policy for Students

The use of the Trust’s ICT resources and services is a facility granted to students at the Trust’s discretion. This Acceptable Use Policy is designed to ensure appropriate use of devices and the Trust’s networks as well as ensuring students can benefit from using the Trust ICT systems.

Use of the Trust network constitutes agreement to comply with this policy. 

These rules apply to a student’s use of the Trust network, whether using Trust computers or devices or using their own devices as a method to log in. This also applies to accessing the Trust network off site.

Students are given a user account to enable them use of the network and by continuing to use the network, users must abide by the following: 

Student Terms of Use

  • You are responsible for account access on the Trust network. Any unauthorised use of your account should be flagged to the Trust’s ICT team immediately.
  • Use of the Trust network is regularly monitored by the Trust’s ICT team (which includes email access). The Trust will monitor any traffic over the Trust system to prevent threats to the Trust’s network.
  • You must not use someone else's username to gain access to the Trust network.
  • You should not write down or share your password with anyone else.
  • You are not permitted to share access details to the Trust’s network or Wi-Fi password with anyone else.
  • You must not attempt to circumvent security of any host, network or account, or penetrate security measures (“hacking”) on, or accessed through, the Trust network.
  • You must not probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the network or other networks.
  • You must not try to install any software on Trust systems without permission from the ICT team. If software is installed without permission, it may cause extensive damage to the ICT systems and users could be held personally liable for any costs incurred in rectifying the damage.
  • Any apps or software that are downloaded onto your personal device whilst using the Trust’s network is done at your own risk and not with the approval of the Trust. 
  • You must not use the network or your own property to access or process inappropriate materials. This includes (but is not limited to) pornographic material, material which may be seen as violent, offensive or discriminatory, inappropriate text files or files dangerous to the integrity of the network.
  • You must not transmit, re-transmit, publish or store material or messages on or through the Trust network which could be perceived as bullying, threatening, abusive, hateful, indecent, harassing, offensive or defamatory.
  • You must report any inappropriate messages or information immediately to the ICT team. This report will help protect other pupils and you.
  • You must not record, video or take pictures of other students, staff or third parties whilst using Trust devices without express permission from a senior member of staff.
  • Use of own devices is at the risk of the user. The Trust cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or costs incurred due to use, damage or loss whilst accessing the Trust’s systems.
  • Storage media such as USB sticks and hard drives are prohibited at the Trust.
  • Any property owned by students such as mobile phones and iPads may not be used to stream, download or watch videos.
  • You may not access the internet except through the Trust network.
  • You must be mindful of the information that you post/share/send online and how this may impact others i.e., you should be kind online. 

If a student or user account breaches the above rules, their account may be inspected and their access stopped. A breach may also put you at risk of suspension and/or exclusion.