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Determined Admissions Arrangements for September 2024 entry

Determined Admissions Arrangements

If a school wishes to change their Admissions policy then this must be fully consulted upon. The trustees of Northampton School must then decide to determine the policies as per the School Admissions Code (September 2021)

The Year 7 admissions policy and Supplementary Information (Application) Form underwent consultation between Monday 14th November 2022 and Saturday 31st December 2022 as part of the Local Authority's co-ordinated consultation.

It was determined by the school's Admissions Committee on Wednesday 25th January 2023 and was first displayed on this website on Wednesday 15th March 2023.

Please find below our determined policies for entry in September 2024.

Determined NS Admissions Policy (September 2024 entry)

Determined NS Supplementary Information Form (September 2024 entry)